Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424

  • Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424
    Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424
    Outstanding 'Pineapple' Bed -- Q424


    This unique queen-size antique cast iron bed shows some wonderful quirks that could only come about because it was handmade at the turn of the last century.  This truly unusual iron bed has bold, beautiful and exceptionally thick casting.  Traditionally the pineapple symbolized welcome and friendship.


    The molten iron castings themselves are extremely interesting because of the pineapple motif. It`s almost as if the craftsman had a visual concept of what pineapples look like, but his vision was more ambitious than his skills. Parts of the castings seem to be well formed, but other parts possess a sense of naiveté and charm. Some of the sand molds which formed the castings seem impeccably made while others appear to be made by a new apprentice.

    Many of the castings show signs of their baking history.  Some of them have large air bubbles where gas escaped during the cooling process.  Other parts show remnants of the original sand from the mold.

    This bed is sophisticated while maintaining naiveté.  It would not shrink into the background of any bedroom, but hold tight to its magnificent presence.

    It is an extremely heavy bed with oversized castings.  The main motif in the central area of the headboard and footboard is more than twice the size of the palm of my hand.

    The cast iron moldings of the feet are impactful as well.  Both the headboard and footboard have lovely feet, but those on the footboard are exceptional.  They were not meant to be hidden behind bed skirts.

    This is not a one of a kind bed.  Recently I saw another one listed on a local online sale page.  It may have been produced at one of the many iron foundries in the Toronto area.  

    Queen size iron beds did not exist at the time when this bed was made.  My welder has skillfully 'stretched' it to queen-size width.  The brass is antique and original to the bed.

    During the restoration process we sandblasted of the old lead paint and had a clear coat of powder paint baked on.  The pewter color is the natural color of iron.

    Side rails and cross supports included.

    Headboard: 61";  Footboard: 45";  Width:  60";  Drop:  14"

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