Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352

  • Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352
    Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352
    Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352Ornate Antique Iron Full Bed - D352


    This natural iron colored antique cast iron and brass bed full size bed has an interesting variety of castings including cast corner posts rather than brass knobs.  Some of the iron castings are rather whimsical and remind me of feet with up-curled toes or fancy boots from the early 1900s.  It has a pleasing design with nice tall headboard.  The pewter color is a neutral background that will fit into any color palette.

    This metal bed was refinished by sandblasting off the old lead paint and then baking on a powder coat clear finish in a satin sheen. Because the castings take longer to cool after the baking process, they have a slightly different, warm tone to them.

    Before WW1, iron beds were handmade and could take one day to several days to make.  The First World War ended the era of iron beds because it required all iron to be diverted towards the war efforts. After the war, similarly styled beds were mass produced on assembly lines and were constructed from aluminum a metal that was much easier to work with.

    If you are using this full size iron bed frame with an extra-long full mattress, let us know and we will lengthen the rails to accommodate the fit. These longer rails would also take a queen size mattress, but please be aware that your box spring would overhang the edges by 3” on either side.

    We supply the side rails and cross supports. 

    Bedding and accessories not included. 

    Headboard:  62";  Footboard:  45.5";  Width:  54";  Drop:  14" 

    Please note that free delivery is for curbside/loading dock delivery only.

    If you are interested in purchasing this antique iron bed or have any questions, please call or text David Lowry at 905-999-1195 or Helena Cronshaw at 905-806-7909. We would be happy to supply more pictures or a short video clip and answer any questions you may have.

    If you live in the vicinity of the Greater Toronto Area, we would love to have you visit our showroom which is only about an hour away. We have 150+ antique cast iron beds of all sizes: single or twin beds, ¾ size beds, full / double beds, queen size beds, king size beds, and headboards in all sizes. You can set up a day and general time frame using the ‘Book Online’ feature at the bottom left of this page or text, call or email us.







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