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Free shipping is now available to Canada and the continental United States. If you are near the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, please let us know and we may be able to discount the price.
Helena Cronshaw 14-Jul-2019
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Character? Or Flaws???

​When we decide to use a clear coat of powder coat on the beds, we never know exactly what we will find! The clear paint reveals the truth that was hidden
Helena 30-Sep-2017
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A Cacophony of 'Shoulders'

Oftentimes we ignore the beauty of the shoulders on antique cast iron beds, thinking that they are totally 'blah', just a brass knob on a corner post.
Helena 07-Sep-2017
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Long Legs, Short Bed?

This is a dilemma some people face and they feel their only option is to buy a king or queen size mattress to get the extra length they need.

Nowadays, people are often turning to a relatively new mattress size…………… the Extra-Long (XL).
Helena Cronshaw 23-Jul-2017
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Clearly identical, but NOT!

We recently restored two of, what we thought were identical double beds and discovered some differences that add character and make them unique. If you glance at them, they look the same, but a closer look shows differences between them. These are the result of how they were made.

At the turn of the last century, iron beds were handmade one at a time.

David Lowry 06-Jul-2016
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Oh No, I've Got Quintuple Vision!

I’ve upgraded from double vision to quintuple vision!

Last summer, I was fortunate to get a call from a lovely lady who was selling her family cottage
Helena 30-Nov-2015
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Newest Queen Bed

Here's the latest addition to our Queen family. We call her the Lyre Bed because of the central detail on the head and footboards. On this particular bed, it appears that.....
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Nice Day Bed

​When setting up a daybed, you can use a 36" wide antique bed (though we also have a 30" bed available.) This size was standard to single beds at the turn of the last century.
Helena 16-Jun-2015
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Amazing Creativity!

​This bed (D467 in the Unrestored section) is one of my favourites. Its style and grace and old-worldiness draw me in. But it has a secret...
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On Sale in June - Save $300 on Queen Bed #Q455

Rare English bed on sale. The large mother of pearl medallion on the footboard is outstanding. The upright rods and corner posts are of a much larger diameter than you would see in every day beds. In its day, this bed held a pride of place within the household.
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From a Double to a King!

At the turn of the century, the widest bed made was a double size. King and queen sizes are now popular and that's why
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Is it art or is it not?

Sometimes when I look at this bed (D493 in the Unrestored Beds Section) I wonder what inspired it. On its own, the brass fan almost looks almost like art that one could hang from the wall. I wonder what type of residence it lived in. I wonder how much it must have cost to make. I wonder how it got to Canada from England. It certainly makes a statement, but what that statement is has been left to the viewer to decide!

Helena 07-Mar-2015
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Is it chic to be shabby?

Some people love this look for a rustic hideaway, their cabin in the woods or cottage by the lake or just in a favourite room that evokes warm memories of a time they treasure from their past. These antique beds have lived a long life and don't necessarily need to be restored in order to be loved again.

Helena 21-Feb-2015
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Check Our Selection of Beds

From the simple to the ornate; from singles to kings; from cottage chic to gloss white, we have an immense collection of cast iron beds.

Helena 08-Feb-2015
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Take a look at this beauty

When we first saw this bed, it was painted in an unappealing pale blue. We knew this was not appropriate for a bed of this grandeur and had it sandblasted and then painted with a baked on clear coat. What you see now is pewter, the natural gray colour of iron which allows the amazing detail in the castings to shine.

Helena 09-Feb-2015
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