As much as possible, we like to keep the original brass on the bed. Many decades of just dusting, not polishing, have let the brass develop a beautiful patina. If you want, you can polish it back to its original shiny finish. Of course, many of our beds have no brass whatsoever so this is not a consideration.

Modern day brass is lacquered to maintain the brilliance of the brass without the need to polish.

When first setting up your bed, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Never use a hammer to force the side rails into the horse-shoe shaped bracket on the corner posts. One wrong move and the bracket, which is made of cast iron, will break and be nearly impossible to repair even with the help of a master welder. If the rail needs a little nudge to get seated in the bracket, a strong stomp with your heel is all that should be used. If the rail head sticks up a little, it’s not a problem and should self-fit over time.

We recommend the use of felt pad cushions on all four feet. Many cast iron beds originally came with wheels, but we find that they tend to mark up wooden floors and have been removed from all our beds.

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